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August 4, 2021  

Episode #1 - What is Collaborative Law?

Are you thinking about separation or divorce?


Knowing where to start this journey is extremely difficult which is why today's episode really digs into one of several ways you can split up.


Today we are talking about Collaborative Law.


What is Collaborative Law? Is it right for your family? Who is involved in this process? What does it cost?


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August 11, 2021  

Episode #2 - How much Does Divorce Cost

Most things in life intersect with money and separation and divorce are no different.


Are you holding off on separating from your spouse because you don't know if you can afford to split up?


This podcast is for you if you want to know the details around what it costs to divorce and how lawyers will charge you.


This episode is brought to you by Access to Justice Podcast.

August 18, 2021  

Episode #3 - How to Shop for a Lawyer

There are a large pool of professionals who can help you in your separation and divorce.


Your starting point if often looking for a trusted professional to help you out in your divorce.


How do you know a professional is right for you?


In essence, how do you choose a lawyer?


Learn more about How to Shop for the Right Lawyer for you and your Family.


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August 25, 2021  

Episode #4 - What is an Arbitrator?

We looked at one way to divorce in Episode #1 - Collaborative Law. Today we are exploring another way to work through your separation and Divorce. 


Not all decisions are meant for your traditional family lawyer.


Today we are exploring what an Arbitrator can do for you and your family. They can be an extremely valuable piece in your divorce and could potentially save you lots of time and money. Why don't you know about them? How much do they cost? Why can you trust their decisions?


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September 1, 2021  
September 8, 2021  

Episode #6 - How can Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists help in your Divorce?

Getting prepared for divorce involves a lot of "discovery".


Knowing where to start, what information and documents need to be gathered and how to organize it all is a large mountain to climb.


There are Financial Divorce Specialists who are hired to help people with the process.


Meet Kim MacDonald of MacDonald Advisor at Raymond James Ltd. a practicing Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist.


Kim walks us through how she got involved and what she does with people when they reach out.

September 15, 2021  

Episode #7 - What you need to know about Loans and Credit in Divorce.

Can you afford to keep your home after going through a separation or divorce?  


Don’t miss the next episode of Access to Justice when we interview Krista Lindstrom about spousal buyout mortgages with wanders into credit ratings, snowmobiling, and cell phone bills.


You can watch Krista blow Heather’s mind when she explains how CMHC-insured mortgages work and you’ll learn how Krista can work with your lawyer to help the home transfer go smoothly.  


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September 22, 2021  

Episode #8 -Child Therapy and how it can Help your Kids During Separation and Divorce.

If you are facing separation or divorce and are wondering if your kids are going to be OK, check out the next episode of Access to Justice when we interview psychologist Brandi Smith about how mental health professionals can help your family transition successfully through one of life’s biggest changes. 


We talk about intergenerational boundaries, the toxicity of conflict, and when is the best time to get a professional involved (Spoiler Alert: there is no bad time). 


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September 29, 2021  

Episode #9 - Changes to the Divorce Act

The Divorce Act got a major overhaul this year. Don’t miss the next episode of Access to Justice when we speak with lawyer, Riley Gallant, about the changes and what they might mean for you. Some of the changes we discuss are: the fleshed out concept of “best interests” of children, the new duty on parents to keep children out of the conflict, and the procedures to follow when a parent moves.

October 6, 2021  
October 13, 2021  
November 11, 2021  
November 18, 2021  
November 24, 2021  

Episode #14- What is a Chartered Business Valuator with Jonathan Lacasse, CBV

Do you need a business valuation?

HINT: You might want to think about one if you’re going through a separation or divorce, or doing estate planning. 

What’s a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV)? 

What types of situations justify hiring a CBV?

Listen to this episode of A2J where we interview Jonathan Lacasse of Grant Thornton LLP and find out the answers to those questions and much, much more! 

December 1, 2021  

Episode #15 - The Basics of Insurance

Life insurance. Critical Illness insurance. Disabilityinsurance.

Which ones do you need?

What’sthe difference between them?

Who should you turn to for advice?

Learn about the differenttypes of insuranceand more when we interview A2J special guest Kim MacDonald.

December 15, 2021  

Episode #16 - Mediation with Jim Taylor

Do you have to get along with the other person to go to mediation with them? Find out the answer to this question and much more when we chat with collaborative family lawyer and mediator Jim Taylor. We discuss how mediation can help you keep some control over the outcome of your situation (and possibly some dollars in your pockets)!

December 15, 2021  

Episode #17 - Real Estate Law with Jeff Kahane

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, you’re selling your home to fund your retirement or you’re anywhere in between, don’t miss this week’s episode of Access to Justice when Jeff Kahane of Kahane Law shares everything that you need to know about basic real estate transactions.  

December 22, 2021  

Episode #18 - Starting and Running a Small Business with Nitin Bhatia

Tune into this episode of Access to Justice when we speak with Nitin Bhatia about the basics starting and running a small business. You’ll hear about how, when, and why to involve other professionals like lawyers and accountants, whether you should consider incorporating your business, and loads of other practical considerations.

January 3, 2022  

Episode #19 - How Does a Child Retain a Lawyer?

Do courts ever get to hear about what the kids want when their parents divorce?

Get the answer to this question and a whole lot more when we chat with lawyer Jeff Keller who acts as independent legal counsel for children when they get caught in their parents’ high conflict separation.  

January 19, 2022  

Episode #20 - Employment Law

What’s the difference between being laid off and fired?

How has COVID-19 changed employee rights and employer’s obligations? 

How you do you know if you’re getting a good deal if you are let go?

Find out answers to these questions and more when we chat with employment lawyer, Mark Smith.

January 26, 2022  

Episode #21 - Bankruptcy and Insolvency with Sandra Landry

Insolvency is when you can’t cover your monthly bills and debt re-payments, a spot that more and more Albertans are finding themselves in as the pandemic nears the 2-year mark.

If you are having trouble making ends meet, find out what your options are and where to turn for help when we chat with Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Sandra Landry of MNP Ltd.

February 2, 2022  

Episode #22 - Family Court with Joanna Waldie

How can you avoid conflict in your divorce?  Why would you want to avoid going to court?  Is family court anything like you see on TV? Family lawyer Joanne Waldie of Bruyer & MacKay answers these questions, imparts some wisdom, and so much more on this episode of Access to Justice! 

March 23, 2022  

Special Episode: Ukrainian Immigration

Millions of people are fleeing the war Ukraine. Canada is changing the rules for travel visas and family sponsorship to ease entry to Canada.

Tune into this special short episode of Access to Justice to hear the latest from immigration lawyer Melvin Marin on the new rules.  

For more information visit: or call Canada Immigration directly from inside or outside of Canada at 1-613-321-4243 (collect calls and reverse charge calls are accepted).  

March 28, 2022  

Episode #23 - Access to Justice in Rural Areas

If you live in a smaller or more remote Alberta locale, you might face unique advantages and challenges in trying to access justice.


Tune in to this episode of Access to Justice when we chat with Jasper lawyer, Chris Stolfa, about how he serves the legal needs of his community. Be sure to stay tuned ‘til the end to find out Kim’s ski racing nickname! 

April 6, 2022  

Episode #24 - Business Valuation

Why would you need a business valuation? What drives the value of a business? Are there different considerations when a business is being valued in litigation versus for accounting purposes?

Don’t miss our conversation with Vince Gervais of Frost Valuations Inc when we take a deep dive into what goes into putting a dollar value on a business

April 13, 2022  

Episode #25 - Parenting Coordination

If you’re caught in a conflict spiral with your co-parent and are looking for an effective alternative to court that will reduce child stress, improve parental behaviour and communication, and provide timely decisions when parents can’t agree, parenting coordination might be your answer.

Don’t miss this episode when Dr. Greg Pickering talks to us about what parenting coordination is, who might be well-suited for it, how much it costs, and more!

April 17, 2022  

Episode #26 - Your Finances in Divorce with Holly Brady

Divorce can put massive financial strain on a family. Pair that with concerns about your financial future:

  • Will I be able to afford to keep the house?
  • Can I still retire as planned?

The worry might be come overwhelming! Find out how working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst could save you money, help you stay on track to meet your financial goals, and help ease some of the stress of a divorce when we speak with Holly Brady of Prospera Solutions.

April 27, 2022  

Episode# 27 - Pre-nuptial and Co-Habitation Agreements

Pre-nups, co-habs, and marriage contracts, oh my. What’s the difference?


You’ll want to check out this episode of Access to Justice if you’re getting married, moving in with someone or if you’re a parent or child of someone doing one of those things.


You’ll find out how these agreements can protect family assets when we chat with experienced family lawyer, mediator, and registered collaborative professional Jack Hauptman.

May 8, 2022  

Episode #28 - Parenting During Separation and Divorce

Parenting time and decision-making can be one of the toughest things to decide in separation or divorce. There are so many things to consider at a time when emotions are running high. Add in financial stress and efforts to keep the kids out of the middle and it can be recipe for disaster. Join hosts Heather and Evan as they suggest some ways to start the conversation and resources you can turn to if you get stuck.

May 15, 2022  

Episode#29 - Litigation and Alternatives

 “A conflict avoided is a conflict repeated”. Tune in to this episode of Access to Justice when we dive deep with Paulette Dekelver about conflict and how to get comfortable with it.

June 1, 2022  

Episode # 30 - Determining Income For Support with Cameron Brinkman

Determining income is an important step in any divorce that involves child or spousal support.


If the payor is an employee, this can be an easy exercise, but it becomes more complicated if the payor is self-employed or runs a company.


Tune into this episode of Access to Justice Podcast when we speak with Cameron Brinkman of Pisko Brinkman LLP where he breaks down income determination down to the basics.

June 8, 2022  

Episode #31 - Q & A and a Family Law Overview

Part 1 - We tackle legal terms that you hear and want to make sense of.

Part 2 - Child Support, Spousal Support and Property Division

June 15, 2022  

Episode #32 - Group Benefits with Dave Hawryluk

This week Dave Hawryluk of Capital Edge Financial shares valuable group benefit tips. Whether you are an employee or an employer, tune into this week's episode of Access to Justice to find out what you might be overlooking in your benefit plan! 

June 22, 2022  

Episode #33 - Sex Therapy with Michael Sommerfeld

'I'm here because they're here". We have a spicy episode this week with Sex Therapist Michael Sommerfeld. This is an episode for people in a relationship, thinking about being in a relationship or just plain curious about what sex therapy is. 

June 29, 2022  

Episode #34 - Immigration

Family sponsorship is the most popular path to immigrating to Canada. Join us for this episode of Access to Justice when we speak with immigration lawyer Melvin Marin of Kahane Law. He shares the 5 basic things you need to know about family sponsorship to put your best application forward

July 6, 2022  
July 13, 2022  

Episode # 36 - Refugee Law with Ruth Williams

Refugees fleeing persecution in their home country face a long and complicated process to land in Canada. Join Access to Justice as we speak with Ruth Williams, immigration lawyer, about the different paths to Canada and how you can help!


July 13, 2022  
July 27, 2022  
August 3, 2022  

Episode #39 - Taxation in Divorce

Find out how spending an hour with an independent accountant before you sign your separation agreement could end up saving you thousands of dollars. Tune into Access to Justice with Angela Richardson C.P.A., to learn about the tax implications you should be considering!

August 10, 2022  

Episode #40 - Conflict Management in the Workplace

Oranges, icebergs, and ostriches What do these all have to do with workplace conflict? Tune in to this episode Access to Justice for the answer as we sit down to learn from Mediator/ Lawyer / Facilitator / Instructor / Speaker Paulette Dekelver. She tells us how the shift from rights to interests can make all the difference! 

August 17, 2022  

Episode #41 - Disability Insurance with Karine Orser

Your ability to earn income is your biggest asset, says Karine Orser, an Insurance and Estate Planning Advisor. Whether you are an employee, a business owner or the spouse of an earner, tune into this episode to learn what to look for in your disability insurance contract, what the most common disability claims are, and how to figure out whether you are under- or over-insured.

August 31, 2022  

Episode #42 - Trusts and Estate Planning

What is a trust? If you have a will and kids who are under 18, chances are you have created a trust. What's the difference between a will, a trust, and an estate plan? Tune into this episode of A2J when we speak with Damian McGrath, Senior Trust Advisor at Raymond James Ltd., who answers these questions and more. Want to impress your family beyond making sure that your estate is easy to administer? Stay tuned to the end to learn some Latin to drop into conversation at the next family reunion!

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